In this tutorial we will show you how to photoshop abs to any stomach, while making it look as realistic as possible.

Ever wanted to get that perfect six-pack without the hard work? Well, now you can have the perfect instagram worthy body. Here is our full step-by-step process:


For this tutorial I will be using a few stock images. You can check them out here and here.


To start, we will open both the abs and the body images in photoshop individually.

Step #1:

Let’s start with the abs. Using the Lasso tool (keybind L on Win) and on the top tool bar you will find a “Feather” option. Give it around 2 px.

Step #2:

Now select (click and hold) around the abs as close to the edge as possible without touching the edge of shirt or background.




Step #3:

After you’re done selecting the abs, go to the top left “Edit” then select “Copy”. Now go to the image where you want to place the abs and click “Edit”, then “Paste”

Select the abs layer and name it “Abs”

Step #4:

Now press (Alt+T) to transform your abs layer and position it where it fits best.




Step #5:

Select the abs layer and add a layer mask. Select the brush tool with a soft feather. Now with Black color (#000000) paint softly around the edges to smoothen and blend the abs with the person’s body.




Step #6:

Once it looks unformal and well blended, we will add adjustment layers to match the skin color and brightness of the body.




Step #7:

Let’s start with adding a “Hue/Saturation” adjustment layer found under the layers panel.




Step #8:

Now make sure you have the adjustment layer above the abs layer and hold ALT and place your cursor in between both layers until you see the clip mask icon. Click on it so that the layer modifications ONLY apply to the abs layer below.




Step #9:

Ideally, we want to select a tone preset (red/yellow) or whichever is closest to the skin tone of the new abs. This way we focus on the color we want to change to make it the closest possible to the skin tone.


Step #10:

Adjust the hue to change tones, and saturation if it’s too vibrant.


Step #11:

Now we want to go to the same adjustments dropdown and choose “Curves”.




Step #12:

Have the layer above the hue/saturation layer and clip mask it. (Holding down ALT and placing cursor in between both layers you wish to link) This way both Curves and Hue/Saturation are clip masked to the abs layer.




Step #13:

In the properties panel with curve adjustment layer selected, raise the white line on the properties panel to make it brighter or lower to darken. Take note. The shadows of the abs will be affected near the bottom left of the curve line. And the bright area will be affected on the top right of the curve line. So add points onto the line to curve it to different directions.




Step #14:

If done right, you should now have the abs blended with the body and looking realistic.


Congrats! You have successfully learned how to photoshop abs onto a body.

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